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We're Industry Pioneers

In many parts of the world the waste-to-energy industry has been established and integrated within society. Until now, Canada has severely lacked both the regulatory landscape and long-term waste management vision to enable the adoption of waste to energy.


Varme Energy is that vision.


We have developed the market opportunity for waste to energy with carbon capture and storage and we are pioneering the industry forward in Canada.


We leverage proven waste to energy technology and extensive industrial experience from our Scandinavian partners which has accelerated the advancement of our projects here in Canada.


One of Varme's Projects Can Lead to...


Direct jobs for decades of facility operations


Gigawatt Hours of energy production every year

11 B 

11 billion pounds of of waste diverted from landfills over 25 years from 1 operating asset 


Over 5 million tonnes of CO2 captured and stored over 25 years at 1 asset

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