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The Canadian Opportunity

Across Europe and around the world, waste to energy has become a well-established and effective tool for waste management. Varme Energy envisions a future where we no longer landfill our waste in Canada. Rather, we recognize the commodity value that our waste represents as an energy source and plan to extract the energy to produce usable heat and electricity and capture the carbon dioxide emissions associated with it.
Canada has made commitments to take real action against Climate Change. There are several enabling factors for developing our projects in Canada including;


  • Investment tax credit for carbon capture and storage

  • Globally competitive carbon pricing benchmarks

  • Supportive financial instruments such as the Carbon Contract for Differences program


Our Waste Won't Wait

Waste is increasing globally. According to the one of the most recent Global Bank Report's on municipal solid waste, global waste volumes are estimated to grow by 70% by 2050. Most of this is destined for landfills where it will remain for decades before it breaks down.

In Canada, 97% of our post-recycled waste is currently going to landfills. This accumulation of waste is accounting for roughly 23% of our country's methane emissions which is a 28X more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. 

Our waste won’t wait. We need proven solutions, collective action, and a sense of urgency to convert our problems into future opportunities. For our environment. For our future.

Global waste volumes are estimated to grow by 70% by 2050.
—World Bank Report (2018)


Closing the Carbon Circle
Varme Energy is deploying waste-to-energy facilities coupled with post-combustion carbon capture and sequestration. These plants will extract the energy from our waste to provide 97% decarbonized baseload steam for district heating, industrial processes, or produce electricity. Each facility will capture between 150,000-200,000 tonnes of CO2 for sequestration or utilization. 

We are closing the carbon circle of our waste.

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