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Our Vision

Varme Energy has identified an opportunity to develop a portfolio of waste to energy with integrated carbon capture and storage projects in Canada that will contribute to a greener earth and a more robust economy


Eliminating Landfills

Varme provides a bottom-up solution to eliminating the 26+ million tonnes of waste going to landfills in Canada, and reducing the environmental and health impacts associated with toxic landfill leachate.


Job Creation

Varme's facilities will create approximately 200 jobs related to greenfield construction and 25 full-time operational and maintenance positions.


Reducing Emissions

Varme is targeting a reduction in landfill methane emissions, capturing CO2, and producing clean energy. Each of our facilities will reduce up to 9 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions over its lifespan.


Investment Attraction

Varme's projects providing attractive investment opportunities to local partners and encouraging direct investment into Canada.


Varme's waste to energy facilities are revolutionizing the way we handle waste. Explore our projects and learn more about how we are creating a world free from landfills.

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