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Varme Energy signs MoU with a Blue-Chip industrial partner for a facility in the Alberta Industrial

GTH subsidiary Varme Energy continues to build movement in the region with an agreement that establishes a working relationship to develop a waste-to-energy facility with carbon capture and storage

EDMONTON, Alberta - December, 2022 - Edmonton-based Varme Energy has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a major industrial partner to pursue the development of a waste-to-energy facility with integrated carbon capture in the Alberta Industrial Heartland. The agreement will allow the partners to move forward in identifying a suitable site for the facility, framework for a long term energy agreement, and establishes the requirements for a CO2 solution on site. The establishment of a waste-to-energy facility in the Industrial Heartland could lead to the processing of up to 150 000 tons of waste per year from the Edmonton region, with up 200 000 tons annually of carbon emissions from combustion captured and stored. “Our technology will on this plant alone eliminate 95% of the carbon emissions, equalling to over 8 billion pounds of garbage over 25 years. We will generate 60 MWh of steam over 90% of the year. This produces enough heat for roughly 47.3 million, 20-minute hot showers annually. That’s 47 showers per person per year for a city of 1 million people like Edmonton”, – Sean Collins, CEO of Varme Energy. Varme Energy is the Canadian subsidiary of Green Transition Holding, a Norway-based company with extensive experience developing waste-to-energy facilities in Europe. Varme Energy is bringing that wealth of experience to Canada to develop leading edge waste-to-energy facilities with carbon capture and storage that can generate energy and feed district energy systems while eliminating methane emissions from landfills. This recent MoU builds more momentum behind Varme’s work to bring industrial-scale waste-to-energy to Alberta. It comes on the heels of the recent establishment of a working committee with Ermineskin Cree Nation to explore investment opportunities, the launch of Varme’s first round of fundraising, and a growing list of agreements with municipalities and companies throughout Alberta. “This memorandum is an important step forward, not just for our company, but for the region and the province. Other jurisdictions across the world have reduced emissions and landfill use through waste-to-energy projects, and this potential facility in the Alberta Industrial Heartland is a perfect opportunity to start catching up.” – Sean Collins, CEO of Varme Energy For more information, please contact Varme CEO Sean Collins at


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